Essay Writing: 10 Uncommon Ideas To Vividly Describe Even A Boring Vacation

Essays are all about testing your writing skills as well as your ability to organise your thoughts and ideas in a suitable manner. Students will see that the entire class is often given a single topic to write upon but not everyone thinks of the same thing. Some students approach the topic from a particular angle while others pick a different method. This means that your papers will be highly subjective and there is no right or wrong answer.

The flexibility and freedom that you get when writing an essay allows you to transform even the most boring of subjects into a fun and interesting paper that is capable of exciting your readers and making them want more. If you're assigned a subject like a vacation, chances are you might not always appreciate it.

Not every vacation is eventful and full of fun but you cannot write a half-baked paper on why you didn't enjoy your time. Instead you have to compose a descriptive paper that speaks about how fun it was. Basically, you have to transform your boring vacation into an exciting one for your readers. This is a bit of a challenge but there are many ways to do it. Below are presented ten of them.

List of ideas

  1. Describe how you felt when you first set out on the journey – your excitement, hopes and expectations from the trip.
  2. Real life vs. your dream vacation: How you managed to recreate some of the magic of your fantasy vacation?
  3. Nature and her beauty: What you saw and how did it affect you?
  4. Which parts of your vacation would you remember the most?
  5. Is there any point in your vacation that you felt as if you would like to relive the experience again and again? Do you think if that was a possibility, you would actually enjoy it?
  6. What are the different types of food you ate? How does it compare to the regular food at home?
  7. How did your family members react to the trip? Were they as enthused as you? Give reasons.
  8. Focus on the interesting people you met on your vacation. Would you like to meet any of them again?
  9. Which mode of transport did you take for your vacation? Was the journey comfortable? If not, then what did you do to make the conveyance more enjoyable?
  10. What sort of clothing did you wear on your vacation? How did it compare to the local garments worn by the people?