How To Create A Good Essay On International Relations

International Studies is a unique field of study characterized by its interdisciplinary focus. International relations cuts across various areas of study which include modern literature and cultures, history, sociology, and political science.

Learning to write a quality essay is one of the most effective ways to develop the skills required to be successful in International Relations courses. This includes the skills of conceptual clarity, critical interpretation, rigorous argumentation, and the effective organizing of numerous sources of evidence. Some of the things to consider in order to create a good essay on international relations include:

  • Attractive Introduction
  • Your introduction should aim at capturing the attention of the reader. Try as much as possible to avoid wide background narratives, irrelevant information or unsupported generalizations.

  • Be direct and answer the question
  • In writing an international relations essay, it is compulsory you answer the question. No matter how well it is written or how persuasively your argument can turn out to be, as long as the question is not answered, you cannot realistically expect to achieve the grade your paper might merit.

  • Balance analysis and evidence equally.
  • Strive for a balance between a paper overly heavy with personal analysis and one dominated by sources. A balance between analysis and evidence is very important.

  • Broadening Your Perspective
  • International relations is a really complex subject that covers diverse topics like international diplomacy, current affairs, political theory, human rights, global policy-making, military interventions, international organizations, and lots more.

    Due to this, consulting books or papers in addition to the ones already on the recommended reading list will help you a lot to broaden your perspective. This also offers you an opportunity to conduct independent research.

  • Use specific examples
  • When utilizing examples, you have to be specific. Specific examples show that you have read and digested the material, and now have more knowledge about the topic(s) under discuss than simply what you were able to gather in class discussion. Try as much as possible to also vary how you integrate your sources, quotations, and paraphrasing into your paper. Your sources must be understood fully.

  • Consult an Expert
  • To learn how to write an international relations essay that will give you the best grade, the best way is to seek the guidance of an academic expert in the field.

  • Follow general standards of college-level writing.
  • Lastly, remember to follow a generalized set of principles which hold true across the discipline. Your writing style should also be adjusted based on the expectations and preferences of your instructor, professors as well as the type of assignment at hand.