Helpful Guide With Good Essay Topics For The Crucible 

An essay is task that serves the sole purpose of testing a writer’s abilities. The clearness of the thoughts being told and the manner with which it is being carried across are vital components of an essay. The Crucible happens to be a famous and widely discussed essay topic. It is a work of many factors that help reveal multiple personalities of the people in its pages. Consider all possible prospective before starting on the essay topic of your choice.

Having said that the Crucible is a very interesting play. It takes a very interesting take on the actual Salem Witch trials that took place in Massachusetts Bay Colony during the year 1692. The trials which lasted for a year is one of the most researched and talked about incidents in the history of mankind. The play is slightly dramatized and fictionalized version of the actual events that took place in the trial.

The play starts with the daughter of Salem’s Reverend Parris motionless with rumors of witchcraft floating about town. The one thing that stands out in the play the most is fear. Fear has a major role in the entire happenings that take place in Salem. There are totally four acts in the play. The reader must keep in mind that there are more sides to the story than just two here.

When writing on The Crucible you have many topics to choose from, here are a few for your consideration

  1. What are your opinions on the Proctors? Describe their characteristics. Describe their marital relationship at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book. Draw comparisons.
  2. What according to you is ‘The Crucible’ in the play? What importance does it signify?
  3. With respect to two of the female leads in the play, Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Proctor write your opinion of their characters. And about the opinion they have of each other. Also, state what was John’s intention for ending the affair with Abigail and confessing the same to his wife Elizabeth?
  4. Discuss the role of Reverend Parris as a father and as a Reverend of Salem. What role did he play as a catalyst in the play?
  5. Write your views on the relationship that existed between John and his wife as well as with Abigail at the beginning of the week and the transformation it goes under as the play progresses.
  6. What were the effect of Witch trials on the residents of Salem? Did the trail itself or the impact it had have a huge impact on the outcome seen at the end of the play?
  7. The trial was started with Abigail trying to curse her former employer Elizabeth Proctor, did the effort bear fruit?
  8. Discuss the influences that lead a moral lady such as Elizabeth Proctor at court? What was extent of the impact caused by it? Discuss.
  9. At the end of the play, Miller is said to have intended to deliver a message. What do you think it was? Justify.
  10. What are your observations and overall opinion on ‘The Crucible’? Justify with supporting evidences.