Is It Possible That A Cheap Essay Can Be Written Properly?

If you don’t want to deal with big online writing companies because you think that their papers are too expensive, you may purchase a comparatively cheap essay by hiring a freelance writer. A high price doesn’t always mean excellent quality and vice versa. However, if you stumble upon a freelancer who offers a price that suits you, it’s important to check them for professionalism too.

Checking the Competency Level of My Essay Writer

  • Check their education.
  • A good writer should have an education related to academic writing. If they don’t have a degree in English, they should, at least, have taken decent writing courses. If a writer cannot prove that they’re well-educated, it’s likely that they’re an amateur.

  • Check their experience.
  • It’s advisable to hire the writers who have been creating custom papers for some time. Usually, experienced freelancers listen more closely to the requirements of their customers and craft papers that meet all of them. Young writers might miss some of the details from your orders.

  • Check their samples.
  • If you need direct evidence of a writer’s skills, you should ask them to provide you with examples of the texts that they’ve written. Professional and reliable freelancers should have good sample papers for such situations, unlike fraudsters and amateurs.

  • Check their guarantees.
  • An honest writer should offer you strong assurances that you’ll get a custom-written paper of high quality within the needed time period. Writers that don’t give guarantees might scam you and won’t be legally obligated to send your money back to you.

Asking a Student to Write My Essay

If you cannot find a reliable writer with prices that are cheap enough for you, there is another option that you may use. You may contact a skillful student from your school that is known for their excellent academic papers. Ask them to write a paper for you. If they agree to your request, you’re likely to get a comparatively well-written academic work.

The price of their help shouldn’t be expensive. You may even offer them some favor in exchange for their work instead of money. Maybe, such a deal with suit them better.

In brief, nothing is wrong with buying cheap custom-written papers. However, it’s always advisable to check whether the writers that offer low prices will provide you with decent services before hiring them. If a freelancer doesn’t have a good education, cannot prove that they have a professional experience, and refuses to provide any examples of their writing, it isn’t recommended to deal with them.