In Search Of A Proofread Example Of A Descriptive Essay About Basketball

Basketball is a fun sport that began along time ago with a gentleman named James Naismith. It started in America, and while still most popular in America; it is played all over the world. The topic of basketball could be assigned in a history class, a sports class, or even a health class. If you struggle with writing or with sports, you might want to find a sample paper on this sport. You can model your composition after this paper, as you write. It will help you to see what your piece should look like when you finish. If you are in search of a proofread example of a descriptive essay about basketball, we can help you.

Where to Look

  • Employ a writing company in order to get your paper to model after as you write. The cost should not be too high since you are not requesting a paper custom written for you. Ask your friends what company they recommend.
  • Go to see your teacher for a model. All teachers keep the best papers that have been submitted to them. You can go to see your teacher and ask to see some samples. You won’t be able to take them out of the room, but you can spend time looking at them.
  • If your school has a writing lab, you can go to the lab and look at the archived pieces. There may be a composition on basketball in the archive. You won’t be able to take the piece, but can look at it to see how it was constructed.
  • Go to the media center and look in two places. You can look at the books that are called sports anthologies, which are collections of stories about sports such as basketball. Secondly, you could look at a reference book that has samples in it. If you go to the bookstore, you can buy a book on sports essays. You will find there are quite a few choices for you to select from in the store.
  • The last option might be to do a general search online. The problem with doing a general search is that you might not know who wrote the example, if the person is qualified to write the sample, and if the piece is written correctly. See if you can find a place that has strong reviews and peer comments. You can ask your friends what sites they use for samples.