List Of Fresh Ideas For Your Next Persuasive Essay

Have you been assigned a persuasive essay? Learn what it takes to create one that would stand out from the crowd and earn you that top grade you deserve.

Be the Master of your Introduction

Mastering the art of writing a compelling introduction can be one of the most important aspects of your essay. It’s the opening paragraph and will set the stage for your argument. Make sure you outline your argument, say what you will cover and perhaps what you won’t cover.

Create your Argument

Choosing what angle to take in your essay depends, obviously, on the question or topic of your assignment. However, make sure you choose the angle that you can develop the furthest and are able to find enough secondary information on. It’s worth talking to other students in your class to find out their angle, so you can perhaps avoid it or make yours better.

Make a Plan

It may sound obvious but many students don’t make a plan. By making a plan you’re able to structure your essay correctly and ensure your points are made in a relevant order. It will also add to the flow of your writing and will show that you’re able to document your findings in an ordered way.

Back up your Argument

Research is key when it comes to backing up your argument. It’s no use trying to persuade someone to agree with you if you have no evidence to support your claims. Statistics, secondary reading and interviews with academics or professionals will help boost your argument.

Use Multiple Sources

The more sources you have that you can reference in your paper the better. This shows that you’ve done adequate research in developing your argument and haven’t just plucked an idea out of thin air or just jumped on the back of someone else’s opinions. Your view will be deemed stronger with the more sources you have to support it.

Choose your Words

In order to develop your argument you need to be able to persuade your reader that your opinion is a strong and valid one. Use words that will inspire your reader to take your view. Positive words will help to fuel your argument and will convince the reader that you’re sure of your findings and your opinion.

Don’t Stray Off Course

A big mistake students make when writing is going off on an irrelevant tangent. Make sure you stick to your argument and that any points you make are directly related to the original point of your paper.


This is one of the most important paragraphs in your paper, as it’s the last impression the reader will have of your work. Ensure you relate back to the original point you were making. Summarize all of the points you made and reiterate why the arguments you’ve made support your view. It’s also a good idea to look back at the points that you didn’t cover to show that there are other possibilities and avenues of research to be explored.