5 Steps to Writing a Narrative Essay – Free Tutorial

A narrative essay is a type of paper that affords the writer a lot of flexibility expressing their personal talents and views. Writing it should be a pleasant and interesting experience as you get a chance to tell a story however you see fit. In fact, adding some unique personal touches can earn you points with the professors, so be sure to show off your creativity and wit.

Steps to Creating an Outstanding Narrative Essay

  1. Choose the topic.
  2. This is one of the hardest tasks you would face when working on this assignment. The topic you pick must be original and interesting. Don’t forget that it must address a relevant issue as the paper must have some educational value. You should avoid writing about the subjects you don’t know very well and those you dislike. Working on a paper about something you love would be more pleasant and allow you to show your true skills.

  3. Write an outline.
  4. You need to organize your ideas to ensure they are presented in an effective manner. As the text of your narrative essay must be cohesive and interesting, you should have a good plan when you start working on it. You can also use your outline as a guide for the next stage of writing.

  5. Do the research.
  6. Even if you are writing a personal story, you would need to do some research into the subject so that you can present it better. Take careful notes while you study literature and other sources to make sure you don’t forget anything important when you start writing. This will also help you avoid accusations of accidental plagiarism as you would know exactly which idea you ‘borrowed’ from which source.

  7. Write the draft.
  8. When you start writing the actual text, don’t limit yourself to the outline or word count. You should try to put all your ideas on paper, and you might come up with a few more while working on it.

  9. Edit and polish your narrative essay.
  10. With the draft finished, you can start working on it to turn this text into an outstanding paper that would gain you respect from both peers and professors. Edit the content first as you might need to add or remove some pieces of text. Next, check style, grammar, and spelling. Consider asking a friend or relative to read the text as they might notice the mistakes you miss. You can also hire a professional who would be able to edit your paper most efficiently.